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Installed new antenna.

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   What do these buttons do?

   Very important 1 thu 4

  1) PWR Turn on / off remote. Bottom button
  2) Choose your frequency (Left small buttons) 10m thru 80m
  3) Tune MFJ auto tuner. Tunes SWR 1.1 Left bottom button SWR.  Tx Mtr.   (Right top button Tune SWR.) 
  4) Txd Transmit remote
  NB Noise Blanker button. NB  (slide control adjust sensitivity)
  NS Noise Reduction button. NS (slide control adjust sensitivity)
  ANF  Auto Notch Filter button. (will cancel up to 2 tones automatically)
  MNF Filter button. Notch (slide control adjust sensitivity)
  PB Cir  Pass Band Tuning Clear (returns filter to original setting) PBT Inside & Outside slide control adjust sensitivity.
transmit/receive frequencies.  Radio will transmit on SUB VFO frequency and receive on MAIN VFO frequency.
  Comp  Turns on microphone Compression (levels are preset)
  VFO A  Antenna button (Right). VFO A  Antenna  (Left button One Antenna)
  RF Power (adjust with slider)
  RF Gain (adjust with slider)
  SQL  Squelch slider. Should be at least 24 to mute in FM mode.























RCForb Mobile Client screenshots 

Main Frequency Screen:


The Menu items Screen (after you touch the Menu button):


The Drop-Down Selections:


The Buttons Menu:


Adjust individual settings

CW Screen: