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Register for an account. This will allow you to access our forums, gain access to remotes, join W1EE remote HF station and interact with other remote stations.  I will only accept original copy of license.

A new Club feature has been established for your use and enjoyment enabling you to operate HF from your computer or cell phone. This is especially good news for those members who cannot get on HF due to antenna restrictions etc. The feature is easy to use on USB, LSB, FM, AM and CW and includes access to most HF bands.

Please NO FT-8. Won't work.Remote Hams possible future update. Running two programs at once causes error. If you have any questions send me a e-mail. Subject: Remote FT-8.

An important thank you also goes out to Murray, K3BEQ for his patience and guiding me through this project.73's.

I would also thank Terry, K1Fi for installing the antenna. New antenna Buckmaster 7-Band 300 Watt OCF Dipole Antenna.  Auto Tuner will memorize SWR settings.



     Note: on 24/7. Except for maintenance. 

      Understanding SWR  

NB Noise Blanker button. NB  (slide control adjust sensitivity)
NS Noise Reduction button. NS (slide control adjust sensitivity)
ANF  Auto Notch Filter button. (will cancel up to 2 tones automatically)
MNF Filter button. Notch (slide control adjust sensitivity)
PB Cir Pass Band Tuning Clear (returns to original setting) PBT Inside & Outside slide control adjust sensitivity.
transmit/receive frequencies.  Radio will transmit on SUB VFO frequency and receive on MAIN VFO.
Comp  Turns on microphone Compression. (slide control adjust sensitivity)  Normal Setting: 60.
VFO A  Antenna button (Right). VFO A  Antenna  (Left button One Antenna)
RF Power (adjust with slider) RF Gain  (slide control adjust sensitivity)
SQL  Squelch slider. Should be at least 24 to mute in FM mode.
Mic  Gain: Normal Setting 68  (Slide Control To Adjust Sensitivity)

     Left drop down column

     Filter Band Width  Wide 2.5, Medium 2.3, Narrow 1.8
     AGC Fast, Mid, Slow
     Pre-Amp Off, #1, #2
     ATT Off, 20dB
     Antenna One
     Tx BW Wide, Mid, Nar
     Tx Mtr ALC, Power, SWR, Comp
     CW Normal

Make sure you refresh page!

         Remote Hams

      I will only accept original copy of license.

      If you copy of your license from the FCC. Just take photo of your license. (pdf) Format.

         Obtaining an Official license from FCC ULS

Use this link to log into the ULS. You will need your FRN number and password.


After you click on download in the last step, you should be prompted to save or open the pdf file with your license.

The pdf file you obtain from the FCC has a security setting that prevents it from being directly uploaded to RemoteHams.com 

You will need  to convert it to an acceptable graphic format. 

(jpg is recommended) and the file size needs to be less than 2 MB. If you don't have any software to convert the pdf, simply take a picture of it with a camera.

Here is a link that will convert your pdf file to a jpg file.  https://smallpdf.com/pdf-to-jpg

Save the converted jpg in a convenient place, so you can find it to upload to remotehams.com

Here's the URL to upload the license

You can also access it from the Client
File->My Account->My License




   Compliments Tom, KD4TMH  

J/S WB1GRB  12/30/2023