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           SARA Repeaters            


W1EE  146.655  PL 100  -600KHz


      DMR - UHF Repeater

W1EE   447.125MHz   -5MHz   Color Code 2
The repeater is open to all, restricted to ARES and emergency traffic during ARES activations


  Time Slot #1


  Time Slot #2

To access TAC channels

Key your PTT on the TAC channel.  That will activate the TAC channel.  Your conversation will only be heard on other DMR repeaters that have also activated that TAC channel.  The connection to the TAC channel will be dropped after 10 minutes of inactivity on that channel on your local repeater.

 W1EE 447.1250 MHz Stamford DMR Repeater

LISTEN LIVE 24/7   STAMFORD CONNECTICUT DMR Digital REPEATER NETWORK ARES & emergency traffic plus ALERT. (ARES) INCLUDING CT. STATE WIDE & TAC 1 thru 15 during activation's. Motorola MotoTRBO repeater. LISTEN Time Slot #1 & Time Slot #2

J/S WB1GRB   7/2/2017